Personal Attention is Given to Every Print

No Automation Here.


Unlike volume photo labs that use automation to make their prints, here at SMI we spend time discussing what you want to do with the images, and what paper will best bring out the feeling that you saw when you created the image.  We then take the files, do any tweaking we feel will make the best possible print, and only then will we hit the print button.


Ritchie Blackmore 1975

Our Story

What Makes us Different

When you send your files to us, you can discuss with the operator who is going to make your print what you have in mind for that image and we’ll as questions. What are you planning to do with it? Hang in under glass or display it w/o glass. Do you want it borderless or with a border: do you want that border just a thin white border or a wide one. Do you want a custom size? Do you want to make sure that things that are on the edge of the frame are in the final print as with this photo of guitarist Ritchie Blackmore taken back in 1975.  The drummer is Cozie Powell, and it’s important to me to have that Powell name at the bottom of the drum kit in the frame. 

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it “
Ansel Adams 

The Software

Photoshop-Lightroom-On1 Photo Raw

We use a variety of software to get your file ready to print. If you need any retouching, we use photoshop and lightroom. We then will bring the file into On1 Photo Raw and make the print from that. We have found On1 to be the best to print the final print from.

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