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Custom Inkjet Printing on Just The Right Paper Surface. 

One of the advantages of a lab like Silver Mountain Images is your choice of paper surfaces. If you are familiar only with the big box stores photo lab you may think that there are only one or two papers available. With a custom lab like ours, we can offer a wide variety of paper surfaces to highlight your photograph. One photo may require a high gloss like Polar Gloss Metallic to bring out its brilliance, another may lend itself to a flat matt surface Like Polar Matt.  Each image is different and we can help you with that selection.

We use papers from one of the premier inkjet papers suppliers, Red River papers out of Texas. Their consistent quality and variety allow us to produce beautiful prints time after time.

We make it simple: all paper surfaces are the same price.  

Our most popular paper surface, Satin is the go-to paper for portraits and photos of people. It has a little shine on a pebble surface that will not show fingerprints yet give the photo just enough pop for many images.

  • Great all-around paper
  • No fingerprints
  • Slight sparkle
  • The go-to paper for people photos
  • Red River Papers Ulta Pro Satin 


  • 4×6…$4.00
  • 5×7….$4.00
  • 8×10-8.5×11..$10.00
  • 10×13-11×14.. $15.00
  • 13×19…..$20.00

Working in the darkroom, glossy was always my favorite paper for my personal nature photography. It shows the detail of the image better than satin or matt. All the original sharpness comes out in a glossy print. Works well for subjects like nature, autos and motorcycles, and theme parks and sports. anywhere you want the detail to show.

  • Great for your nature work.
  • Details and sharpness show.
  • Shows reflections easily.
  • Picks up fingerprints easily.
  • Red River Ultra Pro Glossy
  • 4×6….$4.00
  • 5×7…..$4.00
  • 8×10-8.5×11…$10.00
  • 10×13-11×14….$15.00
  • 13×19….$20.00

Deep Matte

Old Photo of Dad

Our matte paper, Red River’s Polar Matte is a great surface for old photos. We call it deep matt because it has no shine at all. Most all of our restoration work is printed on Polar Matte. It brings back that old-time look with a little warmth and a smooth surface.

  • Flat matte
  • Smooth, no shine.
  • Great for old and restored B&W
  • Looks great with color also.
  • Red River Polar Matte
  • 4×6….$4.00
  • 5×7…..$4.00
  • 8×1-8.5×11…$10.00
  • 10×13-11×14….$15.00
  • 13×19….$20.00

High Gloss Metalic   

ZZR 1200 Motorcycle

Red River’s Polar Gloss Metallic has a shine that goes beyond glossy. It has a sheen that jumps out at the viewer. It’s perfect when you want to make a print pop. Photos of cars, motorcycles, and even some wedding photos make the viewer say “wow”.

  • A unique look
  • Great for Images with metal and reflections
  • Great vibrant color and HDR images
  • Makes for stunning B&W
  • Red River Polar Gloss Metalic 255
  • 4×6….$4.00
  • 5×7…..$4.00
  • 8×1-8.5×11…$10.00
  • 10×13-11×14….$15.00
  • 13×19….$20.00

Paper Canvas

dip and kiss Hanford

When I first made a print with Red Rivers Canvas Paper it was one of those wow moments. With a warm tone base and a canvas-like texture, it worked so well for the wedding photo you see here. You’ll love this paper for just the right photo.

  • Paper with a canvas texture
  • Creates a classic elegance. 
  • Works well for old and restored photos
  • Red River Paper Canvas
  • 4×6….$4.00
  • 5×7…..$4.00
  • 8×1-8.5×11…$10.00
  • 10×13-11×14….$15.00
  • 13×19….$20.00
B&W motorcycle tire
white clay and dunes
tree sunset rock SNP

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